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SE Louisiana ALD office

SE Louisiana team members featured in The Baton Rouge Advocate

July 9th, 2013
Since 1990, the folks at American Leak Detection of Southeast Louisiana have been listening for problems.  They’re in the business of finding leaks in residences and businesses.  They also find leaks in swimming pools.
“The leak could be under the slab, outside or behind the wall,” owner Laura Kleinpeter said.
She and her husband Greg are owners of the local franchise which uses non-invasive, state-of-the-art technology to locate leaks.   The equipment helps the customer save money and avoid unnecessary property damage.
In fact, Kleinpeter said, the first sign of a problem could be a sudden hike in your water bill or a drop in the water level of your swimming pool.
Leak technicians do a lot of work with insurance companies locating water and sewer leaks.  The first thing many people do when water shows up in their house is call their insurance company.  The insurance company then contacts American Leak Detection to locate the problem and deals directly with the insurance company.  If a plumber is contacted first, the plumber will call the leak technician with the information on the job and go out to locate the problem.
Leak technicians don’t make the repairs- they’re not plumbers. But they can locate the leak so the plumber can make the repairs without guess work.  If the problem is found underneath the slab, a diagram will be drawn showing where the leak was located.
Many times a pool owner will notice an unusual amount of water being added to their pool daily or the need for more chemicals than usual.
“We tell people your pool should not lose more than 1/8”-1/4” water per day to evaporation,”  Kleinpeter said. “If it’s losing more than that, you could damage the structure of your pool which could cause expensive repairs down the road.”
The company serves Southeast Louisiana, from the Atchafalaya Basin to Mississippi. The Kleinpeters started their business after visiting a cousin in Houston who owns an American Leak Detection franchise.  They signed on and went through extensive training to open the local office.
“We felt like there was a need for this service in the Baton Rouge/ New Orleans area,” she said.
They knew there was a need, and rightly so.  Houses and pools settle.  Foundations crack.  Pipes flex and crack.  Even a lightening strike can damage plumbing and cause a leak, Kleinpeter said.
“Sometimes if there isn’t a crack in the slab the water is evaporating and going into the soil under the house and the homeowner may not know they have a leak until they get an extremely high water bill.,”  she said. “If the problem goes on for a while it can do damage to the slab. “
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