Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Leak Detection Techniques and Services

Many cities are beginning to implement new and more efficient ways to reduce water loss and excessive use.  Some of these ways include the use of electronic and sonic listening apparatuses such as our technicians use when locating leaks.

According to the AWWA a recent water research foundation project was designed to create a technical guidance document to assist small system operators in locating their buried infrastructure, identifying water loss, and locating leaks. This is being done in order to help utilities to improve the efficiency of distribution system operations.

Leak management is now being utilized in many if not most utilities and cities.  The following steps are what is included in leak management programs;

  • Periodic assessments of leakage through water audits
  • The establishment of district metered areas as well as pressure management
  • The reduction of response and repair times to reported or detected leaks
  • The application of leakage management as an effective part of asset management
These policies in effect will assist utilities in reducing real losses, maximizing water resources, while also improving public health protection.

A report also concluded that electromagnetic leak detection technology is the most accurate and cost-effective means to locating leaks. Most other leak detection techniques include; acoustic listening rods, acoustic ground microphones, as well as Correlators which attach to each end of supply lines.

These proprietary techniques are being utilized more and more now in attempts at more accurate and cost-effective leak detection rather than the search and destroy methods used in the past.


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